Our partners

The SchneeSportSchule Asitz is not alone. For all cases, in which we cannot be there for our guests by ourselves, we have a network of partners and friends. Our partners and friends we can rely on we lay the needs of our guests in their hands.

With a set of successful partners in the sports-equipment-sector we care about our guests. Therefore you can rely on the best and newest equipment every season. In our service- and rental section we show the newest material trends and we ensure, that all our clients' needs are met and no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Naturally we hold good partnerships with companies in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors. The credo No. 1 in our region means "cooperation". If you spend your holidays with the SchneeSportSchule Asitz you can be sure, that you will get the best table in the restaurant and the nicest hotel room in and around Leogang.

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We reserve the right to make changes at short notice.